I choose you, Nuxt!

2021-08-08 2 min read

A while ago I explained the transition of my website from Hugo to Gridsome. Hugo and Gridsome have different backgrounds and philosophies. But this time I started using Nuxt, which is a similar alternative to Gridsome.

Why I chose Nuxt over Gridsome?

Some of the negativities I observed with Gridsome were that its development speed slowed down, there were still unresolved issues I experienced and its documentation (including the documentation of official plugins) was not that sufficient for me. This was leading me to read the source code. In other words, it looked like it was going to become an abandoned, problematic project in the long run.

I'm using Nuxt.js now. Nuxt is not just a static site generator like Gridsome. However, it's a powerful framework that does this job well, too. Although there's little difference between the old and the new version, the core of my website has completely changed.

Nuxt > Gridsome

Let's compare Nuxt to Gridsome.

Cons of Nuxt

  • Versatile, so a little more complex than Gridsome.
  • It has no internal image component like Gridsome's but it has an alternative that does a similar job.

Pros of Nuxt

  • It has much more comprehensive documentation
  • Offers a more advanced structure even for static sites
  • Wide variety of configuration options so you probably won't need to write plugins
  • Has a large number of modules
  • Greater community support
  • Faster development
  • More stable
  • Awesome compatibility with important plugins such as i18n and content
  • Apart from generating static sites, it offers more

I'll write more about Nuxt as I made some changes like I did in Gridsome.

Date: 2021-08-08
Categories: journal