💻 Encrypted Arch - encrypted Arch Linux installer

Encrypted Arch is a semi-interactive script to install Arch Linux over SSH to a fully encrypted disk created using LVM on LUKS.

It's not ready for production use yet. It's still in beta.

Source code

Check it on GitHub.


  • Full encryption
  • Install via SSH
  • Format/create disks and partitions with a pre-generated layout file or commands automatically
  • GRUB and mkinitcpio configurations:
    • Set hooks and modules dynamically
    • Set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT dynamically
  • Create ssh keys and keep them safe
  • Desktop: KDE Plasma
  • Display Manager: sddm
  • UFW firewall rules
  • FAI: Except a few questions (passwords, passphrases), fully automatic installer
  • Beta
  • ...


  1. Clone it to your host machine.
  2. Set permissions for the files run.sh, ./installer/install.sh and ./installer/chroot.sh to make them executable: chmod +x run.sh ./installer/install.sh ./installer/chroot.sh.
  3. Run the ./run.sh file. It will try to connect to your target machine and run the ./installer/install.sh script which then runs the ./installer/chroot.sh when needed.